Around The Way 10-3-2014

Around The Way 10-3-2014

Democracy Now headlines – October 3rd, 2014. [Democracy Now]

Democracy Now – Umbrella Revolution: Hong Kong’s Biggest Protests in Decades Challenge China on Political Freedom

Breaking The Set – The Roots of Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’

31 Intense And Stirring Photos From Inside The Hong Kong Protests – Tens of thousands in Hong Kong have taken to the streets to call for democratic elections. [Buzzfeed]

FireChat mobile app powers Hong Kong protests. [BoingBoing]

Why Hong Kong protesters are using Firechat for peer-to-peer communications on their mobiles. [Yahoo]

Year of the RAT: China’s malware war on activists goes mobile – Is the Chinese government spying on Hong Kong protesters’ phones? [Ars Technica]

At 17, Setting Off Protests That Roil Hong Kong. [NY Times]

Hong Kong leader’s daughter creates controversy with Facebook post – The Marie Antoinette of HK Umbrella Revolution? Careful missy before the people bring out the guillotine. [The Times of India]

We Should Be Protesting, Too – Hong Kong and America: two systems, one corruption – By Larry Lessig. [Lessig]

An Anthem Of The Hong Kong ‘Umbrella Revolution’ – “Widen Your Mind 海闊天空” – Beyond

Protests in Pakistan: Curiously underreported by international news. [Disinfo]

Japan Police: Volcanic Rocks Killed Most Victims. [ABC]

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Drones

John Oliver hilariously rips Ayn Rand fans. [Dangerous Minds]

The complicity cost of racial inclusion – Expanding what it means to be white isn’t good news; it only preserves structural privilege. [Aljazeera America]

Why Do Millennials Not Understand Racism? – They think if we ignore skin color, racism will somehow disappear. [Slate]

The Evolution of Flying Lotus. [Noisey]

Is the Fed Private or Public? – It’s a decentralized central bank, inside the government and independent from it. [Slate]

In Defense Of Ms. Hill – It’s finally time to stop letting folks from outside of our community tell us how to feel about Lauryn Hill. [Talib Kweli]

Incredible photographs of The Clash and the Beastie Boys by Josh Cheuse. [It’s Nice That]

Cassetteboy – Cameron’s Conference Rap

The Human Camera – Documentary

What Goes Down in Ferguson is an Asian American Concern – In Fact, It’s a 99% Issue. [Race Files]

Talk Therapy – Not Medication – Best for social anxiety disorder, large study finds. [Johns Hopkins]

California adopts ‘yes means yes’ sex-assault rule. [Yahoo]

Vietnam’s internet cable ruptures, again. [Thanh Nien]

This awesome interactive map details the undersea cables that wire the entire Internet. [BGR]

Why I Collect Racism – By Frank Wu. [Huffington Post]

How Eighth Avenue Became Chinese – Urbanist Tarry Hum’s new book on Sunset Park looks at the economic, cultural and land use shifts in the waterfront Brooklyn neighborhood. [Open City Mag]

S.F. development boom swallows up historic family businesses. [SF Gate]

Why Empress of China’s closure matters to San Francisco. [Inside Scoop SF]

I’m 25 and My Hair Is Falling Out – By Jackie Nguyen. [Huffington Post]

‘Judging America’ Photo Series Captures Nation’s Stereotypes. [Huffington Post]

19 Mind-Blowing Facts About Life In Other Countries. [Buzzfeed]

KQED – The Art of the Skratch: DJs Celskiii + Deeandroid

– Skratchpad SF/La Femme Deadly Venom’s DJ Celskiii & Deeandroid get’s a featured interview with KQED.

RBMA Diggin’ In The Carts: Episode 5 – The Role of Role Play

– Via RBMA.

Interview: Final Fantasy’s Nobuo Uematsu – Nobuo Uematsu is the composer responsible for much of the Final Fantasy series. Inspired by his youth in Kōchi – a verdant island in the south of Japan – his work perfectly soundtracked the game’s forests, rivers and castles. In this interview, taken from the sessions conducted for our Diggin’ In The Carts video series, Uematsu talks at length about his beginnings as a composer and the series that made him famous. [RBMA]

Groundislava Video Game Mix

Wedidit crew member and LA beat maverick Groundislava picks his selection of soundtracks for inspirational gameplay and scoreboard heroics.

LA native Jasper Patterson aka Groundislava, grew up with video game sci-fi sounds and the general aesthetics of the 1980s flourishing around him. Jasper’s father both animated and directed the classic Take On Me video by A-Ha and while Groundislava isn’t merely the next evolutionary step of that era, he takes a similar creative freedom and emotion and injects it into a sound grounded in beats, video games, technology and self-proclaimed “nerdy shit”. As part of the Wedidit Collective, helmed by his old schoolmate Shlohmo, Groundislava represents a group of youngsters; each with their own nonchalantly expert takes on forms of beat and electronic music. Deeply infatuated with house music and minimal techno, Groundislava takes old templates of 8 bit and chip-tune styles and turns them into worlds full of oozing, swirling melodies backed by driving drum beats, heavy bass drops and soaring vocal melodies.

-Via RBMA Radio.

Red Bull Music Academy Presents Diggin’ In The Carts (Hidden Levels) – Just Blaze on The Revenge of Shinobi

Shinobi [Arcade Longplay]

TOKiMONSTA’s Desiderium: Track-by-Track – The Red Bull Music Academy grad reveals the inspirations and influences behind her new release. [RBMA]

Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo 2014 event schedule, and website.

J-Pop: A Video Guide – Having covered the weird world of Japanese pop music for years in print and for anime-themed sites like Japanator, music journalist Zac Bentz highlights 12 essential groups for those ready to delve into the world of life-size Barbies, miniature robot poodles and holographic icons. [RBMA]

Interview: The Awesome 2 on LL Cool J, The Real Roxanne, and Hip Hop’s Early Days – Rap radio royalty Special K and Teddy Ted reminisce about hip hop’s earliest days. [RBMA]

Detroit to NYC: Underground Resistance at New Music Seminar – The story behind the pioneering crew’s yearly pilgrimage to the influential New York City event. [RBMA]

Why Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0 at Madison Square Garden was a middle finger aimed at lazy EDM. [Thump]

Malcolm Young’s Family Confirms AC/DC Guitarist’s Dementia – The illness has forced the guitarist to leave the band permanently. His nephew, Stevie Young, will fill in for him on the band’s world tour in 2015. [Rolling Stone]

FKA twigs responds to online racist attacks from Twilight zealots. [Thump]

Dinos Chapman is the “David Lynch of the Dancefloor”. [Thump]

Underworld was a stadium-filling dance act a generation before EDM. [Thump]

DJ Hype was present at the birth of rave, and has survived 21 years of partying. [Thump]

How rural raving made me the man I am today. [Thump]

Club 18-25: My Belated First Ibiza. [Thump]

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