Around The Way 5-23-2014

Around The Way_52314

Writer Hilton Als describes the finger printed visuals of director Joseph Khalil. [The New Yorker]

Courtroom Sketch Artist, “the rise and fall”

In a commencement speech, U.S. Attorney General Eric H. Holder goes in about race. Systematic and economic racism cuts deeper than any racist comments making headlines. [The Washington Post]

Yams Collective

A write up on the emerging black arts collective, Yams. [New York Times]

Seth Troxler: “Dance Festivals are The Best and Worst Places in The World” [Thump]

Laidback Luke responds to Seth Troxler [Thump]


Viral Banksy quote plagiarized? [Gawker]

500 Female Emcees Everyone Should Know – (Davey D’s Ultimate List) [Davey D’s Hip-Hop and Politics]

Is Vaporwave the next Seapunk? [Thump]

Vaporwave, what is it and why should you care? [The Wave]

On Shallow House [Sputnikmusic]

Advice to college graduates from two sociologists. [Society Pages]

Venn diagram of internet genres and their approximate conceptions [Haute Wave Press]

This Vine of Ice-T reciting Shakespeare is perfection [Buzzfeed]

MetroGnome remixed an cellphone ringtone 

Brown kids catching PTSD in Oakland. [Vice]

Fuck a Game of Thrones. Stereotypes and conventional characters promote societal stagnation. [IndieWire]

US ban on Yasiin Bey is Mos Def-initely untrue [Times Live]

The Metropolitan Museum of Art releases 400,000 hi-rez scans for free download, claims copyright over the public domain [BoingBoing]

-The Dirty Disco Squares is Prince Paul, Mr. Len, and Rhettmatic spinning 45’s.

A Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito has created the 2014 World Cup’s first viral image [Slate]

A chart of the vocal ranges of the world’s greatest singers [Concert Hotels]

New vinyl record pressing plant opening up for business, is vinyl off life support? [djworx]

Every Pharrell song starts the same way [Stereogum]

Brandalists replace 365 outdoor ads in 10 UK cities with hand-printed works of art [BoingBoing]

Jiggle Tests, Dunk Tanks, and Unpaid Labor: How NFL Teams Degrade Their Cheerleaders [Mother Jones]

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