Black Panther movie write-up for Tokyo Weekender

Black Panther opens in Japan, March 1.

Writing about Black Panther and googling it while trying to avoid spoilers is like boxing yourself. But learning about Wakanda’s king still got me hyped.

A lot of themes came out of writing this Black Panther post for Tokyo Weekender. The movie is a treasure trove of symbolism and possibility. Here, the cultural and social impact of this film is epic.

For kids like my four-year-old daughter and parents like me who worry about their child’s mental health and safety, Black Panther is a counter image to the use of blackface on Japanese TV.

The film premieres in Japan, March 1. Read the article here.

I also got an article and essay coming out soon. To not announce them is burning a hole in my skull, but I’ll wait.

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