“Born With It” (short film), Trailer


Born With It is a short film about an African-Japanese boy who identifies as Japanese, but the world sees him differently. Written and directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Jr., the story explores isolation, alienation, and racism. Aside from the heartbreaking, yet revealing documentary Hafu, Born might be the first of it’s kind: it’s a scripted film, Japan is a vital character, and it exclusively centers a half black half Japanese kid struggling to make sense of who he is. It’s a tiny film that needs to be seen. Emmanuel and his producer Kaoru Misu were able to secure a $28, 000 film budget through an IndieGoGo campaign. This is about as independent, as a female praying mantis ripping the head off of her babies’ daddy. Support this flick.

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If you haven’t seen the documentary Hafu, it’s streaming online and worth a watch.

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