Disclosure “Grab Her” Music Video


The UK’s Garage House DJs/production duo Disclosure just released a new video off their 2013 debut album Settle called “Grab Her”. The video is a play on the movie Office Space and the TV show The Office, with a lot of surreal, and absurd visuals. Supposedly there is a J Dilla sample, the vocal snippet possibly from Slum Village’s “The Look of Love” off Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol. 1) . Can you hear it? The duo often credits J Dilla as inspiration for their production. They did a mix for BBC Radio One, were they paid tribute to J Dilla, and other artist that influenced them. “Grab Her” itself is a syncopated four to the floor House beat, with a bouncy bass and synth line, sure to be a dance floor favorite.

Disclosure “Grab Her”

Slum Village “The Look of Love” [Prod. by J Dilla]

Disclosure’s BBC Radio One Essential Mix (10-Aug-2013)



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