Artistically Transmited Diseases – Jane Choe (David Choe’s Mom) & Critter (DVDASA) Art Show in SF this Saturday


Art aficionados, fans of artist David Choe, and listeners of his podcast DVDASA, there is an art show with his mom Mrs. Jane Choe and fellow DVDASA podcast personality Critter (originally from the Bay Area, Piedmont to be exact) coming up this Saturday March 8th at the Fifty24SF Gallery (218 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94117-3504) from 5-10pm. The show is brought to you by SF’s own Upper Playground. I believe this art show is Mrs. Choe and Critter’s first ever art showcase.

David Choe and his parents on Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown” LA Koreatown episode

Jane Choe swag!
“Tonight my mom told me she’s gonna be a bigger artist than I ever was. She gave me this for my Xmas present, I’m not sure why a karate kid (totally racist) is kicking an application for a California pizza kitchen gift card and why Xmas trees are exploding out of it, what does it fucking mean ?!?!” – David Choe
“No Judging” – Critter

Upper Playground Interview with Critter

Critter & David Choe rocking the Critter face T-Shirts

Critter shopping at outdoors sports shop (REI?)


If you haven’t checked out DVDASA podcast or need to catchup on episodes head on over to the site (Warning, not for the easily offended)


  • Beastly Plyos

    I’m a fan of David Choe’s work (Dog Bat), so I might have to check out some of her work. I do have to say that she has an epic laugh. It’s ok though because I have one too. Here is my epic laugh:

    • Can’t see your video, it’s set to private. Yes she’s got an epic laugh! The artshow in SF @ Fifty24SF was pretty cool. Mr and Mrs Choe, David, Critter and Scrotumcoat was there.

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