Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) (1972) – Documentary


Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) (1972) is a documentary that captures the Latin/Salsa music scene in NYC in the 1970s. This documentary features a lot of artists from the famous Latin/Salsa record label Fania (the Fania All-Stars) – a kind of “Latin Motown.” The artists in this documentary include Cheo Feliciano, Hector Lavoe, Adalberto Santiago, Ray Barretto, Willie Colón, Ismael Miranda, Johnny Pacheco, Larry Harlow and many others. Our Latin Thing is a time capsule that captures a moment in NYC’s Latin music scene, with the artists and musicians expressing the wants, dreams, and visions about their craft; as well as unforgettable performances. In essence Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) captures the 70s Latin, Puerto Rican, NYC’s Nuyourican sound and aesthetics. For the soundtrack to this documentary checkout Fania Record’s Our Latin Thing (Nuestra Cosa) soundtrack.


Our Latin Thing (1972)

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