Talked to rapper Bambu about his project “Prey For The Devil” for LA Weekly

Album cover courtesy of the artist.

Rapper Bambu’s eighth studio album¬†Prey For The Devil cuts through like a box cutter to the face. It’s a tightly executed thematic album and it’s one of my favorite albums of last year. OJ the Producer and DJ Phatrick’s production works like a stage for a rapper who uses his words for a molotov cocktail. Bam is woke as fuck.¬†Sad that he ain’t saying nothing new. Sadder that what he’s saying feels new. Click bate makes history feel irrelevant and social media turned us into dopamine feigns. Listening to Prey is the equivalent of drifting off the cyber spacial grid.

I got a chance to chop it up with Bam and write something for LA Weekly. Peep it here.

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