Year 5

This year Kantra got into making things. Now, everything is potentially something else. At dinner when she gets picky about her food I remind her that there are kids who go to bed hungry. Besides, “This is not a restaurant,” I tell her. “I am not your waiter,” I say. “But we can pretend like this is a restaurant,” she says. “Koko (here in Japanese),” she says, pointing her finger at the spot on the table to where she wants

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Trying To Be Friends (Kantra’s short feature film)

My five-year-old daughter, Kantra created “Trying To Be Friends.” The story was all her idea. I didn’t help or critique her output. Any subtle hint of me trying to do so was met with, “No, I don’t want that.” “Did she really think of it?” my wife, Haruki asked me. I was half way done editing our footage when I showed it to her. Making a movie came out of Kantra and I crafting hand puppets. She was out of

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A Farmer Jones Production