Werehaus X Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2014-short doc


The heads over at Werehaus X Pow! Wow! Hawaii just posted a short documentary about this years annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii summit. The flick features shots of the fresh murals and it gives a perspective of how big they are and what spaces they occupy. Cope2 kicks it on a bench puffing a big cigar (assuming there’s tobacco inside) looking like a G.

According to Werehaus, the doc features 123Klan, Apex, Andrew Schoultz, Askew, Bask, Brendan Monroe, Cope2, Cyrcle, Dabs Myla, Gage Hamilton, Gaia, Hannah Stouffer, INSA, Inti, Jeff Hamada, Jessie Unterhalter, Katey Truhn, Know Hope, Kofie, Madsteez, Meggs, Nychos, Reach, Reka, Reyes, Roids, Ron English, Seth Globepainter, Skinner, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Tanja Misery Jade, Tatiana Suarez, Tristan Eaton, Vhils, Buff Monster, Estria, Jasper Wong, Jeffrey Gress, Kamea Hadar, Lucky, Prime, Solomon Enos, Woes Martin, Martha Cooper, and Willie T. Here’s to next year, hoping me and the fam will make it out there.



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