Wigs and Rocketships

At my daughter, Kantra’s school they have a “crazy hair day” where kids come to school wearing funny hair styles. Last school year, new to the game, we just bought Kantra a fluorescent orange wig. She looked ready for a rave.

I couldn’t help noticing the dichotomy of the kids wearing afro wigs and calling it crazy while my daughter wore white girl hair under the same banner. “I think its just a joke,” my wife, Haruki, said. “I know,” I replied, trying to push the corners of my grinning mouth into a straight face.

It took us a week to make this head dress. Its made of papier-mâché. Kantra layered and glued the paper. She painted the head frame and arranged and glued the flowers to it. The head dress was suppose to be a space helmet for her rocketship, but the glue didn’t dry in time.

Kantra’s rocketship was made for her class’s show-n-tell (or prove). Daddy cut the parts out and put the pieces in place while Kantra tapped them together. She donated her rocketship to the class.

At the moment we’re working on a short film. Its about a shark, a bumble bee, and a butterfly. The whole story was all her own. We’re in post-production, which is to say that daddy is procrastinating on editing it. Kantra will do the score.

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