Around The Way 8-8-2014

Around The Way 8-8-2014

Last Tuesday July 29, 2014 Legendary Jazz drummer Idris Muhammad passed away at the age of 74 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His drum sounds are heavily coveted and sampled by Hip-Hop artists and artists from other drum-centric genres . RIP. [NY Times] [The Times Picayune][BoingBoing]

Wax Poetic’s magazine interview with Idris Muhammad from 2001. [Wax Poetics]

Democracy Now August 8th, 2014 headlines. [Democracy Now]

The Brazilian bus magnate who’s buying up all the world’s vinyl records. [NY Times]

Why nerdy white guys who love the blues are obsessed with a Wisconsin chair factory. [Collector’s Weekly]

The Walking Dead San Diego Comic Con Panel 2014

Game of Thrones San Diego Comic Con Panel 2014

Community San Diego Comic Con Panel 2014

Mike Tyson’s Mysteries San Diego Comic Con Panel 2014

Meet the man who created the most radical hero in comics. [Wired]

27 Artists Celebrate The First Asian American Superhero – Epic fan art gallery dedicated to Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew’s ‘The Shadow Hero’. [Angry Asian Man]

Anthony Anderson Confronts the Controversy Surrounding “Black-ish” on Sway in the Morning

Bobby Shmurda has signed to Epic Records. [Complex]

Beyonce & Nicki Minaj’s remix of “Flawless” blew up the internet with it’s debut last Saturday August 2nd, 2014 – like Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse but for the ladies. []

Remy Ma’s Final Days In Jail – Six years in prison hasn’t softened the New York rapper’s iron will. With her freedom back, can she rule again? [Buzzfeed]

Meet Neijah Lanae, the LA artist brightening up alt-pop. [Noisey]

Fuse Crate Diggers: Explore Afrika Bambaatta’s records inside the Cornell Hip-Hop collection. [Fuse]

Attention rappers – Anything you spit can be used against you. [NPR]

The secret ghostwriters of Hip Hop. [BBC]

Vice Munchies: Eddie Huang needs a new name

James Shigeta ‘led the way’ for Asian American lovers on screen. [NPR]

How the late James Shigeta changed the image of Asian American men. [WSJ]

Sharon Tate vs. Nancy Kwan in The Wrecking Crew (1969)

– Actresses Sharon Tate and Nancy Kwan’s goofy choreographed fight scene in the 1969 movie The Wrecking Crew.

Too Young To Die – Sharon Tate Documentary (2012)

My Life After Manson

– A short documentary about Patricia Krenwinkel, a member of the Manson Family reflects on the crime she committed 45 years ago.

Artist’s self portraits reflect progression of Alzheimer’s disease. [BoingBoing]

Art from iconic audio waveforms. [Epic Frequency]

Eric Standley’s incredible laser cut paper sculptures. [BoingBoing]

When Robots Write Songs – Bach, Coltrane, McCartney: New algorithms can produce original compositions in the style of the greats. But are those works actually art? [The Atlantic]

Seeing music without Hallucinogens. [Reality Sandwich]

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