Battle For The Net – Slowdown Day – Net Neutrality


Today, those of us online who care about net neutrality and how corporate greed will crush the last bastions of free speech and the free exchange of ideas/information, have banded together to voice our dissent against their actions and demonstrate what a slowed down Internet may look like if these corporations had their way. To join the fight today head on over to Battle For The Net to learn more about what you can do to help stop this. This battle is long suffering, in that we’ve seen campaigns like this before, and the corporations with their big money war chest keep reloading and gunning to destroy the Internet, as we know it. We must rise up and defend net neutrality for the future of free speech and the free exchange of ideas/information. Below are some materials to help enlighten you to the cause.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Net Neutrality

A guide to the open internet. [theopeninter]

Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25]

Deaf advocacy groups to Verizon: Don’t kill net neutrality on our behalf – Verizon claimed Internet fast lanes will help deaf, blind, and disabled. [arstechnica]

Comcast censors article about net neutrality. [Republic Report]

Tim Wu – Net Neutrality & the Politics Of Entrepreneurship

The Colbert Report – End of Net Neutrality – Tim Wu

Don’t Flush Our Rights Down the Toilet – Net Neutrality

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