Black France (2013) – Documentary


Black France (2013) is an Al Jazeera featured documentary about the Afro-French Diaspora. It covers the history of early generations of Africans in France, the African/French colonial relationship, all the way up to modern day issues of African immigration in France. This documentary is definitely an eye-opening look into another experience in the African Diaspora.

Black France – A three-part series looking at the history of France’s black community and their long struggle for recognition. [Al Jazeera]

Black France – Episode 1 – Conflicting Identities (Al Jazeera 2013)

Black France – Episode 2 – The Battle For Social Justice (Al Jazeera 2013)

Black France – Episode 3 – The Immigration Problem (Al Jazeera 2013)

Bonus: i am Other – StereoTypes Paris – French African vs. African American?

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