Let Them Unlearn, Rapper Curly Castro

There are tracks that sound like a stunned body in perpetual fight or flight mode. Its skull reverberates from voices shouting, “get up… get out.” The neighborhood is a kill box and the “Only one way out/of course is man made/looking down the tunnel, endless/don’t see a damn thing,” Curly Castro raps on “Night Terra Fabulous,” off his sophomore project Tosh. He’s the son of Barbadian immigrants who raised him on planet Brooklyn but for years Philadelphia has been his

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2018 Ramblings Revisited

This Ain’t Yo Muthafuckin’ Diary, Biatch 2018 was the year that TMG became more like my journal, scrapbook, family videos, and everything uncomfortable or Japan-related. It was a challenge to my introverted nature. Looking at all of last year’s TMG posts, I have zero regrets. Last year taught me that I have no desire to be a brand or a topic. It was an experiment, which helped me progress in unforeseen ways. Either commit and stick the landing or be

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Dear Mamma,

Dear Mamma, I miss you, Ma. Like the smothering of fingered flames rippling for air, like a lost child in a crowd, I miss you. The first pull that ever compelled me to read and write was to make you proud. Seeing you constantly read those romance novels made me want to be like you. Can’t say that I like those books, but rather I care to admit, you definitely made me a romantic. You were a relentless optimist and

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