“Cristela” ABC Sitcom Trailer

Posted by on May 17, 2014


Completing the trifecta of POC sitcoms coming soon to ABC, we have Cristela staring comedian Cristela Alonzo. This show is about a young Mexican American woman, a 6th year law student who’s stuck living with her family while she’s figuring out her future goals, and dealing with her identity as a Latina and American (navigating between two cultures). Cristela is co-written by Cristela Alonzo and Kevin Hench. The show’s cast includes Terri Hoyos, Roxana Ortega, Carlos Ponce, Andrew Leeds, Sarah Halford, and fellow comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

Cristela Trailer

Cristela Alonzo on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Cristela Alonzo on Conan

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