Flume, Autre Ne Veut, and Ghostface Killah “Space Cadet” -Animated Video


This is a super buggy animated video for “Space Cadet,” off Australian producer Flume’s 2013 four-disc deluxe edition. One of the discs is a mixtape full of notable names. “Space Cadet” features Autre Ne Veut and Ghostface Killah on the track. In the video Autre Ne Veut is a three-headed character rocking mohawks. Ghostface is spitting on top of a step pyramid that shoots lasers.

The video is directed by Jim Dirschberger and Jay Howell.  They work on Nickelodeon’s  “Sanjay and Craig.” The animation itself shadows hand drawn aesthetics that work well with the gradient changing colors. The two dimensional characters and the vibrant colors are dizzying, but the video is just short enough to be digestive. To call it surreal is an under statement. Warning, lots of flashing lights.


Flume Deluxe Edition Mixtape:

1. Intro [feat. Stalley]
2. Space Cadet [feat. Ghostface Killah & Autre Ne Veut]
3. Insane [feat. Killer Mike & Moon Holiday]
4. Stay Close [feat. Boldy James, Alexander Spit & Aaron Cohen]
5. Holdin On [feat. Freddie Gibbs]
6. Change [feat. How To Dress Well]
7. Warm Thoughts [feat. Grande Marshall & Goldie Glo]
8. Sleepless [feat. Twin Shadow & Jezzabell Doran]
9. Hermitude: HyperParadise [feat. M.O.P.] (Flume Mixtape Version)

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