South Korean second graders cover Nujabes’ “Aruarian Dance” – Video

Rest in Beat Nujabes
Rest in Beats Nujabes

The late great DJ, producer, composer, arranger, Nujabes passed away in 2010, but we still see his music live on through others. His production infused soulful, melodic, beautiful, haunting sounds, with Jazzy Hip-Hop rhythms. Truly one of the greatest musical artists to come out of Japan in the past few decades.

2nd Grade South Korean Kids Covering Nujabes "Aruarian Dance"
2nd Grade South Korean Kids Covering Nujabes “Aruarian Dance”

2nd graders from South Korea play their cover of Nujabes’ “Aruarian Dance.” It’s good to see music teachers giving their students a more contemporary piece of music to learn, besides the usual classics of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and the like.

Nujabes “Aruarian dance” Cover by 2nd grade students in South Korea.

Nujabes “Aruarian Dance” (The Original Version)

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