Nashville 2.0 – The Rise of Americana (2013) – Documentary


Nashville 2.0 – The Rise of Americana (2013) is a documentary that explores the sounds of Americana, a term used to group music that does not fit nicely in their respective genres. Musicians under the Americana umbrella draw inspiration from a mixture of country, folk, bluegrass, R&B, blues, jazz, roots rock, gospel, rockabilly, honky-tonk, alternative rock, folk rock, and punk. Nashville 2.0 highlights veteran and newer musicians like Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, Rosanne Cash, The Avett Brothers, The Mavericks, Jason Isbell and many others. Nashville 2.0 also touches on the changes in the music industry in the past few decades and its affect on country music and changing landscape of Nashville’s music scene, which sees the arrival of artists like the Black Keys and Jack White. Nashville 2.0 also touches on the recent success of artist under the Americana umbrella who had mainstream success like the band Mumford and Sons. The umbrella genre Americana is a look back to older U.S. music for inspiration with a refreshing, evolving and experimental sound.

Nashville 2.0 – The Rise of Americana (2013)

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