Tennis players get fried, playing both sides of the ends

Dude, I’m busy. That’s it. That’s the update. No.

Mega and ya boy. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Hurricane Irma and Harvey were warning shots. Earth’s immune system is going full throttle. My thoughts go out to Barbuda. Kim Jong Un, I hope you choke on a twinkie. You had me listening to the entirety of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, “The Destroyer of Worlds.” It’s over 5 hours long. Listen, 45’s crazy will kill yours. Believe that. 86 your shit, bitch.

Sorry I couldn’t post part three and the final installment of “The Golden Eyed Dope Slinger.” I got caught up writing. It’s like when you have so much to do that nothing gets done. I got work people. I’m writing. I even started working with another magazine. I want to tell you, but let me finish what I’m doing for them first and see what happens. “Dope Slinger” will be up later this week.

That’s RJ in the foreground from Motor City. I didn’t get a chance to formally meet the two brothers in the back. Photo by Maria Hernandez
Photo by Maria Hernandez

I finished reading Randell Fields’ American Nightmare. Almost done reading The Glass Cage by Nicholas Carr. It’s about our relationship to technology. We’re all gonna be high functioning beings incapable of compassion. Naw, but it’s buggy as shit. It’s not too late to kill Skynet. I might get a Galaxy8. The human body is far more interconnected than I knew. It’s not mind and body. It’s just body.

I finished an essay that I hope to find a home for. Also, I’m editing a short story about Japan’s 3/11 earthquake. Also, I’m scribbling other ramblings that may get posted if they don’t fall through the cracks. Thanks Constantine for all your help. You are my light that keeps me going. Otherwise, I would’ve given up writing a long time ago.

We was at the Caribbean table, Jamaica and Trinidad. Photo by Maria Hernandez

Last night I actually went out to meet up with a bunch people that I didn’t know. It was a black meeting and I had a great time. Living here really emphasizes the need to see and talk to people who look like you. Laughing is healing. We were at this cramped bar where I guess the owner had traveled the world and put all evidence of it on the walls. They had Japanese people playing live Bassa Nova. Japanese know they love the shit out of Bassa Nova. It was cool. There was a couple doing some mixture of ball room dancing with tiny hints of Lindy Hop. I really needed that. Happy Birthday Maria and a happy belated shout out to RJ.

My boy Mega came through too. We ended the night with a street beer arguing about hip-hop. Kendrick Lamar would’ve undoubtedly held his own in the early 90’s. U-God’s verse on Ghostface Killah’s “Rec-Room Therapy” is one of the greatest guest verses ever. I can’t remember if I considered it for The 20 Best Hip-Hop Guest Verses of All Time, but it belongs on a greatest list somewhere. God said:

Tennis players get fried, playing both sides of the ends
Keep your eyes on your friends, cuz they spy for the feds
Watch me rise from the dead, I got ties with the dreads

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