The Golden Eyed Dope Slinger 2 of 4

“I need another blanket please,” Kyoko said.
With blanket in hand Black nods at me like “here we go” and walks her upstairs behind her. Late night, after a blunt and a 40, I asked him about Kyoko.
“Hell yeah I smashed that bitch. She’s only 19, nine years older than my daughter, but she said she wanted to have fun. Dawgs…dawgs,” he said, pacing in a circle and clapping his hands.
“You know her friend that kept following her around?”
“I told niggas to talk to her, to get her away, but she wanted the dick too. Yo, I let this bitch suck me off right?”
“These niggas knocked on my door, this bitch jumps and clamps down on my shit…straight lock jaw, nigga. I’m wearing a diaper dawgs. Bitch had my shit bleeding.”
The three of them were planning to go to Bangkok. Black was hyped.
“You get it? Bang cock.”
He clapped his hands and threw his head back.
“This is the life, my g.”

I hadn’t stayed at the hostel for a few days. I got a gig stuffing gift baskets at The San Francisco Opera House. When I checked-in earlier that day, Ali was working the front desk.
“Hey, what’s up dawg. What chu running from,” he said.
“Man, the only thing I Run is DMC or running these broads to getting free.”
He gave me room 19. I went upstairs, threw my backpack on the floor and collapsed on the bottom bunk.

Enter Barney Fife, big droopy glasses and a light blue beanie casted a shadow over his eyes. The bubbling of his skin looked like it was falling off. When he ate, his wide frowning mouth made garbage disposable sounds. The fumes that folded onto themselves, that rose from the pit of his smoldering stomach, were his voice; opaque and suffocating. Having it’s own atmosphere full of lighting and thunder, it crackled. When he spoke, his throat gagged and contracted. I swear he had tentacles masquerading as tonsils.
“You were outside [gag] smoking right?” he said.
“Yeah, why?”
“The smoke stays [gag] in the room. I told them not to put smokers [gag] in here. Ok. This is [gag] harassment. Ah [gag] you’re sleeping in my bed,” said Barney.
“What? Nothing was on this bed,” I said, rubbing my eyes.
“I don’t understand [gag] the bed was made. Why did you take my linens off?”
“Yo, this ain’t your room. We all paid to sleep here just like you did. The fuck outta here.”
It was his bed, but at first sight, my impulse was to repel him.
“Yeah [gag] ok. I see what this is,” he said.
Stretching a grin over his long narrow jaw made the room get hot.
He opened the door and slithered into the hallway.
“That niggas been here for a minute,” Black said. “I found a questionable magazine underneath his bed on some child porn shit. I gotta nine-year-old daughter. I ain’t wit that. We trying to kick him out.”

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