Required listening: Ka’s Red Bull Music Academy Radio “Fireside Chat” -audio


Red Bull Music Academy Radio’s Fireside Chat gets open. In an hour long discussion, rapper-producer Ka talks about his history in the game, stopping, starting, getting frustrated thinking that he wasn’t nice enough with the pen. It’s super fascinating to hear about what inspired him to rap, working with Natural Elements, hooking up with GZA and his version of Brownsville growing up verses the gentrified version that it is today. Definitely a big fan of this brother. If you haven’t heard Iron Works (2008), Grief Pedigree (2010) or his latest The Night’s Gambit (2013), support this cat. This is therapeutic rap; strictly slow cooked. No preservatives.

For Grief Pedigree he directed a visual for each joint on the album. Here’s the long form video.

via EgoTrip

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