Roland’s New AIRA Line Unleashed: TR-8, TB-3, VT-3 & System-1 – Videos


Roland has been working on a release for their AIRA line of electronic musical equipment, as mentioned in a previous TMG post. Roland launched their new AIRA line at Dancefair 2014 over the weekend (February 15 & 16) according to djworx. The AIRA line contains a drum machine; TR-8 – emulating classic TR-808 & TR-909 sounds, bassline synthesizer; TB-3 – emulating classic TB-303, vocal processor; VT-3, and synthesizer; System-1. At first glance the AIRA line appears to be analog but they’re actually digital hardware emulating analog devices, by way of Roland’s new technology called Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB). For those who can’t get their hands on old Roland gear such as the TR-808, TR-909, and the TB-303 (due to lack of availability or the expensive price tag these classic machines now hold) the AIRA line comes as a more accessible, and less expensive alternative. Below are some videos demonstrating the technology, features, and possible applications of Roland’s new AIRA line of electronic musical equipment.

AIRA — Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB)

Via RolandChannel

Roland AIRA – Roland System-1, TR-8,  TB-3, & VT-3 @ Dancefair 2014

via delamartv


Roland AIRA – TR-8 – 808/909 Drum Machine Review

Roland TR-808 compared with Roland AIRA TR-8

Roland AIRA TB-3 Touch Bass Line – Review

AIRA System-1 @ DanceFair 2014

Roland AIRA VT-3 Vocal Processor @ Dancefair 2014

via Sonic State


Roland AIRA TR-8: First Look

Using Multiple Outputs with the Roland TR-8

Roland AIRA TB-3: First Look

via Point Blank Music School


Roland AIRA TR-8 Rhythm Performer Demo

Roland AIRA VT-3 Vocal Transformer Demo

Roland AIRA TB-3, TR-8, VT-3, and System-1 Demo

via SweetwaterSound


First look at Roland AIRA Series – System-1 Synth

via Gearjunkies


Roland AIRA Performance: TR-8, VT-3, TB-3, System-1

via DJ TechTools

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