Tarology: The Art of Tarot – Documentary


Tarology: The Art of Tarot (2013) is not just a documentary about the tarot, it also explores the philosophies of tarot reader Enrique Enriquez, and how he interprets the cards through it’s art work. The particular style of tarot card Enrique uses is called Tarot of Marseilles, a deck that trace origins back to 15th century northern Italy and southern France.


Enrique does not believe in the superstitions, and the traditional ways of reading the tarot, he just reads the visuals of the cards, and tells a story, or poetry as he likes to call it. Despite tarot mysterious connections to occult and mysticism, Enrique’s style of reading the tarot allows the cards to be relevant in our modern material based science and technological age. Tarology: The Art of  Tarot is an exploration of visual interpretation, of a language base on imagery, and how the tarot can be a tool of inspirations for artist, designers, and other creative fields.






Tarology: The Art of Tarot Documentary [Snagfilms]

For Enrique Enriquez’s writings on the tarot visit his Amazon page

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