Tensho: TMG Mixtape, “It Takes A Village And Women Are Villages”

Tensho N. Takemori is a talented rapper, producer, and artist from Warwick, New York. He’s an original member of Stolen Music Imprint and long time associate the Money Hungry Bastards crew. Over the last 20 years, Tensho has worked with rappers like Auxiliary Arms (Masai Bey and L.I.F.E. Long), Mr. Cord, WhichCraft, DJ Zesto, and others. Its been a long process of honing his craft and developing his own style.

On his exclusive TMG Mixtape, It Takes A Village And Women Are Villages, Tensho scores some poignant words that couldn’t be overstated or more relevant than they are today. Villages is an ode to the black women whose insightful and compelling rhetoric, music, and literature are like audio therapy. Tensho took his time and put great effort and consideration into producing and assembling this compilation. His father wrote the Kanji calligraphy for the front cover art. DJ Zesto mixed the sound.


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