DJ Zesto: TMG Mixtape, Vol 1 Head Nod Chill Wave

Cover art by DJ Zesto

While there’s no “Track Picks” for this week, TMG brings you a new and exclusively brewed mix. DJ Zesto’s Vol 1 Head Nod Chill Wave is a mellow bounce through plush styles and royal rhythms, dedicated to that “yes” sound. Zesto is a New York rapper, producer, DJ, and artists that has been actively making music ever since Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” TMG and Zesto’s Stolen Sound System are collaborating to bring you original curated blends. This is the first venture in a series of forthcoming gestures. Listen below.

01 - Agua Tumbao (Zesto Instrumental)
02 - DJ Dyllemma vs HooksArthur - Winter Sadness
03 - Belly - The Come Down Is Real Too
04 - Rihanna vs Young M.A. - OOOUUU (Zesto Betta Have My Remix Edit)
05 - Anderson Paak - Room In Here (Jazzy Jeff Remix) Edit
06 - Alan Braxe - Daydreaming (Sped Up)
07 - Anita Baker Loop
08 - Camp Lo - Bubblin’
09 - Majid Jordan - Gave Your Love Away
10 - DJ Snake feat Bipolar Sunshine - Middle (Home Brew Bass Mix)
11 - Travis Scott - Coffee Bean
12 - DJ Zesto Q - Art Is A Crime

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