Art: John Felix Arnold III: Japan, Round III

“I had this vision where I saw Ryogen (10th century highest ranking Buddhist priest), and he cut my head off with a sword…and when my head hit the ground, light shot out of my neck, my mouth and my eyes. [The light] shot up into the sky and it exploded into the cosmos and then it rained down into kids’ cereal bowls. Then I could see through the kids’ eyes, and everything started glowing and the colors were super saturated,” said artist John Felix Arnold III about getting the inspiration to do an instillation at Spes-Lab. His current show,Bright On Time is a collaboration with artist Koutaro Ooyama aka Mon.  Living in Oakland, CA, John has often referred to his work as “future antiquity.” For the past month John has been traveling throughout Japan, from Koyasan Mountain near Osaka to Tokyo. This is John’s third trip to Japan since 2011.

At Dig In Magazine, read about his first trip here.

Photos courtesy of John Felix Arnold III

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