B+Ghost Notes=John Felix Arnold III’s New Mural

Today, I kicked it with Mega of The Mega Late Show. We went to peep photographer and director, B+ (Brian Cross)’s Ghost Notes: Music of the Unplayed at 16(sixteen). B+ has been clicking rappers and artists for a minute: Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, David Axelrod, Damian Marley, J Dilla and on and on…. His photo exhibit is up through January 14th. I also found my boy John Felix Arnold III‘s recent mural in 109 Shibuya’s Magnet building. He just flew over from Cali,

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Speakeasy Roller Skate Halloween 10-28-18

Last month Tokyo partygoers got laced by not one, but two Speakeasy TYO events. The first one on October 7th, at RIDE, featured one of the Godfathers of Hip-Hop, producer and DJ, Marley Marl. That night was an historical one and everybody, breakers, dancers, lovers, toddlers, and head boppers got turnt up. The second joint, on October 28 was Halloween on roller skates. Held at Tokyo Dome Roller Skating Arena, DJ Daruma (PKCZ) & Jommy and Shioriybradshaw were the featured

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Dear Mamma,

Dear Mamma, I miss you, Ma. Like the smothering of fingered flames rippling for air, like a lost child in a crowd, I miss you. The first pull that ever compelled me to read and write was to make you proud. Seeing you constantly read those romance novels made me want to be like you. Can’t say that I like those books, but rather I care to admit, you definitely made me a romantic. You were a relentless optimist and

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On Speakeasy Tyo at RIDE featuring Marley Marl

Speakeasy is a monthly dance party that’s been going for five years. Its a mobile event held in some of Tokyo’s most unlikely venues. Places like Sasazuka Bowl, Hotel Koe Tokyo, Zou-no-hana Terrace, and RIDE have acted as elaborate backdrops that frame the party’s family-like affair. Dancer and promoter, Brooklyn Terry is the man behind these shows. “I started Speakeasy selfishly, because I was homesick. I wanted the quality and vibe that I could relate to that didn’t exist here

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The Hostile Apostle, featuring artist, Peter Adamyan

Welcome to Salvation Mini Mart, America’s holiest of holies, where science is fear-mongering and shopping is worship. We got “AntiChrist” insect repellent, “Holy Water” for electrolytes and exclusive “Blood of Christ” wine imported from Bethlehem Valley.  C’mon, “get drunk on Jesus.” There’s no forsaken sin that our assortment of immaculate merchandise won’t sanctify. Freaking out about a Black Messiah? Try “White Jesus” skin bleach. A single spray washes historical facts away that contradict your Christian ways. After all, “A dark prophet

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