B+Ghost Notes=John Felix Arnold III’s New Mural

Today, I kicked it with Mega of The Mega Late Show. We went to peep photographer and director, B+ (Brian Cross)’s Ghost Notes: Music of the Unplayed at 16(sixteen). B+ has been clicking rappers and artists for a minute: Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, David Axelrod, Damian Marley, J Dilla and on and on…. His photo exhibit is up through January 14th. I also found my boy John Felix Arnold III‘s recent mural in 109 Shibuya’s Magnet building. He just flew over from Cali,

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Speakeasy Roller Skate Halloween 10-28-18

Last month Tokyo partygoers got laced by not one, but two Speakeasy TYO events. The first one on October 7th, at RIDE, featured one of the Godfathers of Hip-Hop, producer and DJ, Marley Marl. That night was an historical one and everybody, breakers, dancers, lovers, toddlers, and head boppers got turnt up. The second joint, on October 28 was Halloween on roller skates. Held at Tokyo Dome Roller Skating Arena, DJ Daruma (PKCZ) & Jommy and Shioriybradshaw were the featured

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On Speakeasy Tyo at RIDE featuring Marley Marl

Speakeasy is a monthly dance party that’s been going for five years. Its a mobile event held in some of Tokyo’s most unlikely venues. Places like Sasazuka Bowl, Hotel Koe Tokyo, Zou-no-hana Terrace, and RIDE have acted as elaborate backdrops that frame the party’s family-like affair. Dancer and promoter, Brooklyn Terry is the man behind these shows. “I started Speakeasy selfishly, because I was homesick. I wanted the quality and vibe that I could relate to that didn’t exist here

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Luigi Serafini’s “Codex Seraphinianus” 

Codex Seraphinianus  is a 400-page book written in an imaginary language accompanied by illustrations that seem to be of a remixed earth. Italian artist and former architect, Luigi Serafini made the book as an attempt to get out of the art gallery scene .The pen-and-ink and colored-pencil images seem self-explanatory. There’s a white mountainous car with melting tires covered in ants. A seed grows to become a tree-chair. A deer head emerges out of a flowerpot. The impersonating text is handwritten

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For Huffpost, I’m Raising A Biracial Daughter In Japan, Where She’s Surrounded By Blackface

Just wrote an article about raising my daughter, Kantra in Japan. It’s up here. She’s thrived despite the adversities. In retrospect, it’ll give her an unlikely perspective. She has no idea how brave she is. I’m still debating on taking her to see Black Panther. “He’s got superpowers,” she told me. “You do too,” I said. “You don’t know it, but you’re using them right now.” “I am? What’s my superpower?” she asked me. “You’ll find out when you get

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