Mega Church: TMG Exclusive Mixtape, Plus Q&A with The Mega Late Show, Part 2 of 2

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my interview with The Mega Late Show, or heard Late’s Liquid Wards mixtape, peep it here. The Mega Late Show is a Tokyo, Japan based hip-hop podcast. In just a short time, hosts Mega, Late, and Steze have helped foster a growing community of rappers, DJ’s, writers, and breakdancers. For ex-pats living in this homogenous society, MLS is a portal to connecting artists that otherwise, might not have linked. On the show, they’ve

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Liquid Wards: TMG Exclusive Mixtape, Plus Q&A with The Mega Late Show, Part 1 of 2

Last summer, through the Facebook group, Black Creatives Japan, I met “hip-hop savvy listener” Mega. With his co-hosts Late and Steze, they produce The Mega Late Show. It might very well be one of the only English speaking hip-hop podcast in Japan. Mega gave me props on “The 20 Best Hip-Hop Guest Verses of All Time,” an LA Weekly listicle that I contributed to. “Man, how could you leave out Cappadonna’s verse off of Ghostface Killah’s ‘Winter Warz?’” he asked

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Chopped it up with The Young Giantz and The Mega Late Show

Deuce Mac and Bigg Joe West are The Young Giantz, two brothers from South Central, Los Angeles. I interviewed and wrote about them for LA Weekly. Read it here. Last Saturday I was on The Mega Late Show. That was my first ever podcast. We recorded it in Mega’s man cave, appreciate him having me over. Thanks for having me on the show. I’ll post it when it drops, some time later this month, I think. Peace to artist Keen

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Alberto Martini’s Dance of Death

Born in 1876, Alberto Martini was an Italian illustrator, painter, and engraver. By the early 1900’s he was known for producing disturbing and graceful images. These lithographs were created during the outbreak of World War I.   via Monster Brains to view the complete collection.

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Gilles Peterson spins Black Jazz Records

They on some electric-Jazz-funked-up soul tip. Black Jazz Records’ collection of artists and music totally makes sense. They were from The Bay Area, a place rich in untold Jazz history and LSD awakenings. According to LA Weekly, the 70’s record label’s master tapes were for sale on Craig’s list until Snow Dog Records scooped them and reassured their preservation. Calling it “Black Jazz Radio,” music connoisseur Gilles Peterson delivers a “rare groove” mix comprised of some of his favorite jams

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