The talented Mr. Arthur Chu

Arthur Chu Jeoprady
Arthur Chu (right) along side Alex Trebek (left) on Jeoprady

Just found out about Arthur Chu and his current success on Jeopardy. Besides being an insurance agent, according to his website, he’s also a voiceover artist. I dug a little deeper on the web and found a clip of him doing standup at the Cleveland Improv (he just took down the video from his youtube channel). If you are able to see this clip, you can see his over confidence come out in this comedic performance, something folks on the Internet have rained hate on him for his immodesty on the game show Jeopardy. I can’t help but draw comparisons to Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman being labeled a thug for his comments after a win over the 49ers for the 2014 NFC title, or all the numerous names Kanye West has been called after all the comments he’s made proclaiming his genius or that he is a God (may be he is referencing 5% nation notions of Gods & Earths).

Some have charged that these reactions are racial coded against people of color (like this op piece from Aljazeera), that other players, artists, and contestants who are white and behave similarly don’t get chastised the same way. American culture (also capitalism) is self obsessed, where individual success is held at the utmost important over all other virtues. So why are we so shocked that these individuals in moments of success and glory are tooting their own horns extra hard? They are after all products of American individualism and exceptionalism. I have no problems with other folks basking in their own glory, making claims of greatness, but if your actions don’t back up your claims, then your claims are invalid. Actions speak louder than words.

What Arthur Chu is doing on Jeopardy (employing game theory as a strategy) is not illegal, and has been used by some past winners of the game show. To that I say yes, he’s smart for using a strategy that can win him the game. Time will tell if he is successful as he has another round starting February 24th.

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