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Around The Way 9-12-2014

Richard Kiel dies at 74; played Jaws in Bond films. [NY Times] Richard Kiel Interview – James Bond Jaws – Collectormania 2012 Democracy Now headlines 9-12-2014. [Democracy Now] Obama ISIS

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Around The Way 9-5-2014

Democracy Now Headlines 9-5-2014. [Democracy Now] Occupy Movement Gets Its Own TV Station – Creating “TV for the 99%”, the movement that galvanized the world has partnered with FilmOn Networks to

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Around The Way 8-29-2014

Democracy Now Headlines 8-29-2014. [Democracy Now] Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Wage Gap The Daily Show – Race/Off (8-26-2014) VICE Japan – 袴田巌ー無実の死刑囚 – Japan’s Innocent on Death Row Arson-Murder

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