Many in Mecklenburg County Still Face Crisis Despite Eviction Moratorium

Here’s my first article for Queen City Nerve about the housing crisis. Researching this story about Charlotte evictions was dispiriting and that’s just for starters. Reading Mathew Desmond’s Eviction, Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law, the incredible work of UNC Charlotte Urban Institute, the devastating wealth gap among Black versus white households, the various other “indicators,” the emotional trauma and psychological terrorism that sustains our stagnation, it’s quite sobering and enraging. It answers the question as to why Charlotte’s Black mothers are having to march against gun violence after loosing their children.

There’s something horribly disturbing about this country, about the silence over the investigation of Tamir Rice’s murder. Why are Black people charged with saving America from itself while it oppresses us? 45 is the greatest American metaphor that this country has ever produced. From outside of our borders, what’s going on here is obscene and this supposed democracy is a con.

The housing crisis is just a mechanism within a larger system at play. Nevertheless, to be told that you will be kicked out of your home with days to spare is another acute form of violence. Read the story here.

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