Music: Raekwon’s verse on “Yessir!” off Doom’s album “Born Like This”


I’m like a rabbi, fresh new mag and I’m mad high
Stolen black Jag I brag fly, yeah
Yo a project thug, political gangster, starving Langston Hughes
The Jews want the crib when the God dies
I’m deadly, metaphors’ll dog you while I’m in the Forbes
First 500 niggas who raw live
Yo B, the nigga Shallah, he low-key
But he O.G., half of his niggas gone or in hidin
Federallis’ll sneak, police, holdin my old piece
Heard the young policeman died
58 carats of glass, the Aston
Blueberry black where I keep my ices and knives at
One of the force rawest, yo we’re British aware
Who get money shoot dice in his fortress
Mocknecks and stragglers, eightball jackets the hagglers
Of the rap game, post up surprise
I want that spot, coolin with the Supervillain team
All you other playboys is twats
Niggas be down for the murder game
Run in the church, grab the rifle, put one in a nigga frame
I’m thirsty, hungry like a Somalian
Polly with them niggas with the waves in they dome like tsunami
All we do is get fresh and fuck ma
Probably yo’ baby ma gave me head in Barney’s while I calmly
And I got giants in armies
While we rock mean colored clothes and don divas
Yeah Chef back, some call him Louis Smith
Slash Lex Diamond and his chick sell crack
We rep bananas, beat this, legend of Stan Smith
700 dollar jeans, keepin your man distance
Yeah son, gimme your ear son

Yo yo yo, yo yo get the fuck away from the ropes man

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