The Boondocks, “Pretty Boy Flizzy” Comes to Dinner [Update]


If you didn’t catch the first episode of The Boondocks, season four, “Pretty Boy Flizzy”  it’s posted below. Spoiler alerts abound, go head, watch it here if you want to avoid getting your anticipation tampered with…. It’s only the first episode of the season, but it’s awkward and probably shouldn’t be airing given the show’s creator Aaron McGruder had nothing to do with it. Fingers crossed that his new live action show Black Jesus was worth crucifying such a beloved animation. According to, actor Michael B. Jordan who was a guest on the first episode, said that McGruder was fired from the show.

The first episode of The Boondocks season four doesn’t suck, but it’s hella different. While in town for a show, the Chris Brown-inspired character Pretty Boy Flizzy is accused of robbing a convenient store. Lawyer Tom Dubois, the Freeman’s neighbor is defending him in court. As a Pretty Boy Flizzy fan, Tom’s wife Sarah wants to meet him. Tom and Sarah are having marital issues. Tom is over apologetic and passive aggressive and Sarah comes off as the bored unsatisfied house wife who just wants a “real man.” Tom invites Flizzy to dinner in hopes that it’ll make Sarah happy, even though he’s already made it known that he’s jealous of her admiration for Flizzy. The Freemans show up for dinner uninvited, but still their presence makes little difference. Huey’s moral compass is absent. Riley is less a smart ass. The characters are directed like traffic.  The jokes are either spread further apart or them shits just ain’t funny. Sarah gets drunk at dinner and starts showing out. There’s an overt sense of conventional gender role playing that pushes the story forward, leaving no doubt in the viewers mind that there isn’t something else at play.  Sarah’s support of Flizzy beating on his “R&B girlfriend” Christiana (a wink at Rihanna?) is retarded (meaning bad).

Why they focus on Tom in the first episode? It wouldn’t have been that bad or off putting if the story wasn’t hypocritical or more creative. The girlfriend-abusing Flizzy redeems himself after letting Tom beat him up. Didn’t Tom catch a bad one from Usher’s bodyguards after loosing his shit. In Season 3, Episode 9, “To Catch a Predator (A Different Kind of Predator),” Tom’s writhing anxiety and crying to his wife over the phone never gets old. It was one of The Boondocks’ more memorable episodes. Here he’s just some whatever dude who stands in the shadow of the Tom we know who’s terrified of going to jail and getting anally raped.

Not sure if it’s over reaching, but was it weird that Tom had to fight Pretty Boy Flizzy to prove his manhood to his wife? Was it weird that Flizzy winked at him as a “good job” gesture while under Uncle Ruckus’ citizens’ arrest? It’s like Flizzy had to make sure the viewer knew that he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. The show still proves entertaining, but it screams anything except the creator’s vision. It’s just not that interesting. Please leave this show six feet deep instead a half dead corpse sticking out of the ground. Black Jesus 2014!

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