TMG Track Picks Weekly 2-18-19

Illustration and design by Sam Grant

This week, had it not been for Slikback’s Tomo, DJ Muggs & Eto’s “Hell’s Roof,” or Quelle Chris’s “Guns,” the best thing I heard was Breezly Brewin of The Juggaknots on The House List podcast. He gets into Clear Blue Skies, working with Prince Paul on Prince Among Theives, and working as a New York public school English teacher for 15 years. With “Dilla’s House,” producer and DJ, AbJo remixes J Dilla jams and samples as a tribute to the great music man that changed the way beat makers chop sounds and sequence drums.

RIP J Dilla
RIP Nujabes

What should I include in next week’s TMG Track Picks Weekly?

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