Eddie Colla’s “Atavisms” opening August 22

Oakland, California artist Eddie Colla is having an opening at Ian Ross Gallery for his fresh collection of work entitled “Atavisms.” According to the press release, “atavism” is a biological term defined as “an ancestral trait that reappears even though it seemed to vanish generations before.” Eddie’s work uses this concept to challenge the notion that advancing technology and social evolution takes little away from who we were in the past and who we are now.  Over the years, Colla’s reoccurring apocalyptic series has expanded outside of its own context, placing greater emphasis on nuance.

IMG_4368 IMG_4365 IMG_4308 IMG_4366 IMG_4376

We interviewed Colla last year, read here.

“Atavisms” opens August 22 at Ian Ross Gallery,
466 Brannan St. in San Francisco’s SOMA district.

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