Eddie Haung’s “Fresh Off The Boat” ABC Sitcom Trailer


ABC has decided to pick up the sitcom Fresh Off The Boat as part of it’s 2014-15 midseason replacement lineup. This will be the first in 20 years an Asian American family sitcom is being aired, the first and last one was Margaret Cho’s All American Girl (1994-95). The show is based on the memoir Fresh Off The Boat by restauranteur (owner of Bao Hous in NYC), chef (he often jokingly clarifies that he’s a glorified sandwich maker), food, cultural personality and former lawyer Eddie Huang. ABC has released a trailer giving us a sneak peek of Fresh off The Boat. Playing Eddie’s parents, Mr and Mrs Huang will be Randall Park and Constance Wu. As for the part of young Eddie, he’ll be played by newcomer Hudson Yang. Check the trailer below. FOB on ABC! (“Fresh Off the Boat” is slang term for new Asian immigrants to U.S., in certain context “FOB” can be derogatory, and “ABC” is an abbreviation for American Born Chinese)


Fresh Off The Boat Trailer


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