JMJ’s son TJ Mizell Rocks the Turntables on NYC Subway Train & Other Routines – Video

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Jam Master Jay’s son TJ Mizell DJs in an NYC subway train. From what I can spot and infer on the videos of his setup:

  • 2 Technic Turntables
  • DJ Coffin
  • X-Frame Stand
  • TTM57-SL
  • Vestax Pro-05-III (with Serato box)
  • Serato Time Code Vinyls
  • Macbook
  • Some kind of portable powered PA Speaker
  • Car Battery 

The use of the car battery to power his setup is a nice touch. Very similar to how they did it in the old school Hip-Hop park-jam days, people would tap into street lights to power their equipment.

The tracks TJ’s cutting up on subway train:

  • Jay-Z “Tom Ford (Benzi Remix)”
  • Jay-Z “Show Me What You Got (DJ Green Lantern Remix)

Jay Z  “Tom Ford (Benzi Mega Edit)” Dirty Version

Tracks from Official Made In America Routine:

  • Baauer “Yaow”
  • Bingo Player  “Rattle (Luminox Remix)”
  • Run DMC “My Adidas (Dasmatic) (Jeremy Scott Edit)”

TJ Mizell’s subway train video and other routine videos below.

TJ Mizell x Jay Z – J Train to Marcy Official Video

Tj Mizell – Official Made in America Routine

TJ MIZELL- Asap Rocky/Asap Nast Remix “Strive & Proper & Peso ” (Prod. MP Williams)

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