“L’Avenir” art opening at White Walls tomorrow


L’Avenir (the future), curated by Poesia, is an exhibition opening at White Walls Gallery tomorrow, December 14th, 7pm-11pm. The artists involved read like stars in alignment: Augustine Kofie (US), Borondo (Spain), Chazme (Poland), Clemens Behr (Germany), Doze Green (US), Duncan Jago (UK), Part2ism (UK), Poesia (US), Robert Proch (Poland), Sainer (Poland) and Vesod (Spain). Their work has been referred to as “graffuturism,” a term coined by Poesia. In a recent interview with Vandablog, Poesia defined it as “artist with a graffiti background who evolved and progressed beyond his initial roots.”

Poesia is an art commentator and artist.  He runs the site Graffuturism.com. L’Avenir runs through January 4, 2014. Check the preview shots. Suuuucks to be missing this!

survivors-30x50cm-acrylic-on-canvas-2013 DozeGreen_DeathCometCoronaRammellzee 2013-23x30-Central-olive-system-shift__FULL

Images via Graffuturism


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