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If you haven’t caught Prince Paul and his son DJ Pforreal’s web series, Paul vs. Paul, it’s a brilliant display of an old school head debating a young blood about everything under the sun: Facebook, prom, winter coats, drums, mixing, etc. In one video, they debate deodorant. While his son is pushing “Axe,” Paul pulls out every old black man’s brand of choice, “Old Spice.” There’s a winner declared at the end of each debate. Embedded in the humor are some actual valid points. You might catch your self nodding, but hating the verdict. In their latest video, Part 7, they debate sampling techniques. My jaw dropped watching his son sample off youtube.

Their father and son chemistry keeps the series fresh. Their collaborative album Negros On Ice is dope too. Watch their latest video along with some past episodes.

Sampling, Facebook etiquette, skits, prom, and old school vs. new school sampling techniques

Old vs. New School

Rap Voices, DJ Techniques, the use of gating and Handshakes

Loudness War, Beatboxing, DJing, basketball, pick-up lines, and glasses

“Textual Healing”

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